Automation Solutionz provides Data Entry Solution

Software Testing

Technology is moving fast and constantly changing. Unfortunately precious data can be left behind waiting to be upgraded to that new file extension or transformed from hand writing into a more manageable form.

Automation Solutionz Data Entry Division will provide 99% accurate data entry services to our clients.

Offline Data Entry

Large volume Data Entry needs to be structured and organized properly in order to be successful. Automation Solutionz uses a Two Step Verification Process to ensure documents are accurate and in order. We make the process as simple as possible, you send us your data via our secure network. Since we are headquartered in North America, we will contact you and verify that your documents arrived and outline completion goals.

Automation Solutionz will transcribe any kind of data to whatever format you would like including:

  • Raw data from surveys/mailing lists/applications/receipts into database programs
  • Raw data into MS Excel
  • Scanned documents into MS Word or MS Excel
  • Entry of Insurance Claims
  • Business card entry into database

Volume Data Entry

Converting handwritten documents into digital formats is tedious work that is very time consuming and disruptive to the business process if a business is using its valued employees to scan/copy documents instead of actual work.

Automation Solutionz has Data Entry Specialist that can process written work into electronic formats rapidly and accurately. They will transform your written copy into any format you choose:

  • Legal documents
  • Accounting documents
  • Insurance / Healthcare claims
  • Research / Survey data
  • Employee records

Our Data Entry Specialists are experts in reading all forms of hand written documents, whether it be in cursive or block lettering at a price that cannot be matched.

PDF Conversion

PDF services can work both ways either documents can be converted into PDF files so that they can be safely stored without fear of tampered with. Automation Solutionz PDF Specialist can convert a range of files into PDF format including:

  • Microsoft Office Documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher)
  • Hard copy material (books, surveys, ledgers etc.)
  • RTF

PDF files create a tamper proof document, but sometimes these documents need to be accessed and must be converted into workable files. Automation Solutionz has you covered. We can always convert PDF document back into workable file formats at extremely cost effective pricing.

Let Automation Solutionz handle your PDF Converstions so that your business can focus on its core processes.

Survey Data Entry

Transferring survey data is a long process that has to be done accurately if for a proper analysis of the research. Automation Solutionz Two-Step Verification Procedure will ensure that data transcription is accurate and reliable.

MS Excel Data Entry
Automation Solutionz can rapidly enter data into MS Excel at unbeatable prices. Our MS Excel service includes:

  • Business Card Details into MS Excel
  • Survey Data into MS Excel
  • Web Page Data in MS Excel
  • Data from handwritten/print documents into MS Excel

MS Access Data Entry

Automation Solutionz can rapidly enter data directly into MS Access tables at unbeatable prices. Our MS Access service includes:

  • Manual transcription of data into MS Access tables
  • Mail merging service
  • Creating databases from existing data onto the MS Access platform
  • Report creation and generation

Insurance Claim Data Entry

Insurance Claim transcription is another tedious process that must be handled accurately. Transcribing the wrong values into incorrect fields could lead to errors in remuneration and legal difficulties. Automation Solutionz has a proven Accuracy Verification System with minimizes transcription error for various claims including:

  • Vehicle damage claims
  • Injury claims
  • Homeowner’s claims
  • Health Insurance claims
  • Life Insurance claims
  • Commercial claims
  • Natural Disaster claims

Health Care Data Entry

Automation Solutionz will process your healthcare data including:

  • Health Insurance claims
  • Payroll data processing
  • Medical data entry
  • Medical billing data entry