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Offshore Software Management has never been EASIER.

Why Choose Automation Solutionz?

Assistance Coast to Coast

Our main HQ is in North America with our Contact Center located offshore, we are always accessible if needed. You will be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who is local.

No Attrition Problems Here!

Automation Solutionz strives to achieve Higher Quality. Keeping a strong motivated staff is very important to us. You can rest assured knowing that the team assigned to you will be with you for the projects duration.

Time Zone Differences

Automation Solutionz is in constant communicate with our customers. We hold meetings everyday where we tackle issues that arise. We sync to our client’s timezone for maximum efficiency.

Lower Your Costs

Automation Solutionz can provide highly skilled professionals in a number of industries lower than almost anywhere in the world and we only hire the best and brightest.

Increase Your Profits

Utilizing Automation Solutionz offshore resources allows you to lower costs and increase the number of agents in your business. Leading to happier customers and higher profits!

1-to-1 Communication

Each project team is supplied with a project manager, however you are able to communicate with ANY member of your offshore team whenever required.


Our Strengths

We Possess the Skills

Finding skilled resources is a hurdle many companies face. Automation Solutionz takes the uncertainty out of this issue. We have a highly experienced ready to tackle the most difficult challenges and save you money be decreasing training time.

Trust Automation Solutionz

A good project needs good planning. Automation Solutionz takes the time to set priorities and prepare resources to ensure all sides are working towards the same goals. We present a disciplined approach to ensure a successful project.


Automation Solutionz sign NDA’s with our clients, no employee computer stations have USB ports or CD/DVD ROM drives. Our premises has security on hand 24/7 with CCTV and high tech surveillance equipment. All data is backed up in a secure location.

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I have never been able to create test cases as easily and quickly until I used the ZeuZ platform. I can track projects easily and oversee the work of every tester on the team which makes the entire project move along with less hiccups.


Riasat RakinQA Analyst, Asset Science Inc.

ZeuZ will be extremely beneficial to those people that are visually oriented. The entire system is displayed in a way that takes out the complexity of organizing a project and adds a clean, sleek layout.


Redwanul K AnsariCEO & Founder - Panacea System Ltd.

ZeuZ is free and comes with more features than many of its competitors. At first I was hesitant to give it a chance but now I could not imagine switching to another platform.


Kanor LFedPhoneLine Ltd.

...The fact that ZeuZ creates test cases at the step level gives you a lot more incite from test reports.


Paul ChanBunz.com

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