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Not only can Automation Solutionz provide a cutting edge framework that merges all your software testing and project management needs into one comprehensive platform, We also have incredible software development services and testing professionals that will help your company improve quality and save money.

Solutions We Provide

Automation Solutionz provides various Software Testing Solutions including but not limited to:

 Automation Testing
 Web Application Testing
 Mobile Application Testing
 Desktop Application Testing
 Software Development

Automation Testing

Why Automate Software Tests:

  Save Time and Money: Reducing cost while ensuring a high level of quality is what Automation Testing is all about. Automation testing can be accomplished unattended which reduces labour costs and decreases test cycle time. Time is money right?

  Quality Control: Quality of your software product increases as a result of test case automation

  Higher spectrum of test coverage: More bugs can be uncovered faster which again improves the quality of your product.

If you want to save money (and we know you do) automate as much as you can. We have found that many businesses do not automate enough and for that reason the software quality is not where it should be.

Automation Solutionz understands automated testing (it's in our name!). Our ZEUZ framework was built to automate as many Test Cases as it can. We have a team of experts that can help your business and increase your software's quality by increasing test case automation, which will increase sales, all while decreasing expenses. We think that's called a "WIN-WIN"!

Web Application Testing

Web-based testing can present a myriad of issues that differ from traditional desktop applications. Let Automation Solutionz team of experienced testers handle your web application testing. Utilizing our web application testing services you can rest assured knowing that your web application testing will be performed by highly trained, experience professionals. Money will be saved and quality standards will be maintained.

Our Automated Solutionz Web Application Testing Team will provide:
   Performance testing
   Functional testing
   Compatibility testing (OSs and platforms)
   Regression testing
   Unit testing

Mobile Application Testing

There has been an exponential increase in the use of mobile devices. Mobile technology changes by the minute, there are new networks, operating systems and mobile devices springing up daily. Mobile application testing is an integral part of the app development process and can valuably decrease your operational costs. With Automation Solutionz Mobile Application Testing services you will know that your app works in real world situations on any device.

Services we provide include:
   Network Connectivity Testing
   Compatibility Testing
   Usability Testing
   Functional Testing
   Performance Testing
   Security Testing
   External Interruptions

Desktop Application Testing

Yes, mobile applications are expanding exponentially but desktop apps cannot be neglected either. There are so many operating systems, platforms, languages and environments to validate, desktop app developers face a range of challenges.

Automation Solutionz provides a range of testing services for desktop applications including:
   Functional Testing
   Test Automation
   Usability Testing
   Load Testing
   Security Testing

World-Class Training Solutions

Automation Solutionz mission is to make our ZEUZ platform the industry standard. Providing your test team with our experience will ensure that application development teams find bugs sooner, resolve testing challenges faster, and that testing processes, such as Agile, are not misunderstood or miscommunicated.

Our trainers are accomplished professionals and the developers of the ZEUZ framework, who better to teach it then the people who built it! Keep your team up-to-date with public and in-house training sessions, workshops, webinars and video tutorials.

Contact us at for more details.

Software Development Solutions

Automation Solutionz has some of the best software developers in the business with experience in almost every industry imaginable. We can deliver a custom application for any web, desktop or mobile environment. Our team been utilizing Agile Software Development methods to bring projects to fruition on-time and on budget.

Our process consists of:
    • Analyzing Function Requirements
    • Comprehensive Architectural Design
    • Interaction/User Experience Analysis
    • Milestone Goal Planning
    • Software Testing
    • Feedback Summary
    • Ongoing Involvement

Contact us at for more details.

Consulting Services

Automation Solutionz will collaborate with your team and assess areas for enhancement. We will develop strategies and solutions to help you increase the quality of your product.

Automation Solutionz Test Evaluation:
We will help you assess and evaluate your software testing process and improve your Quality Assurance goals. We've been through the testing battlefield! Let our experience and hands-on skills guide you in preparation of Development and Testing Environments so that testing execution will be flawless.

Automation Solutionz Large Scale Projects:
Our human resource potential is staggering. We aid business by supplying them a team of dedicated, competent QA professionals and a supporting team in North America to minimize communication barriers. This process is easily scalable, if the project gets larger in scope we can grow according to your needs and vice versa.

Automation Solutionz Test Automation Consulting:
Our Automation Consulting service will reduce testing expenses. We offer guidance to customers in estimating how much time and money they will save after we have automated their manual test scenarios.

Offshore service available

Automation Solutionz realizes that cost and quality significantly impact the bottom line of any business. We offer a boutique offshore services with several different types of software testing at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Let Automation Solutionz show you how simple offshoring can be, since we are headquartered in North America communication is easy and cost effective.

Our Skills

Comprehensive Testing Solutions for your every need
  • Python
  • Java
  • JQuery
  • SQL
  • HTML 5
  • Web Automation
  • Desktop Automation
  • Mobile Automation
  • Test Execution Planning
  • Test Case Writing