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The First Open-Source, ALL-IN-ONE Software Testing & Management Platform


Test Planning, Execution and Project Management Under One Umbrella


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Why choose Us

With over 30 years of experience in a multitude of industries, we have developed cutting-edge software management technologies and novel ideas and practices to make Business Processing more efficient and cost effective

Our Mission

We provide a challenging, professional and enjoyable work environment for our employees while providing performance based rewards and benefits. This is one of the reasons why we enjoy a high employee retention rate.

What you get

To focus on creating solutions that deliver mobility, freedom and control via automation and to deliver cost effective services which will open new avenues for our customers and allow them to work effectively and creatively.

ZEUZ: The first Open-Source, ALL-IN-ONE, Software Management Platform

How Zeuz differs from "The Rest"

  • Private Cloud-based Software Management / Test Execution
  • Batch update items (Step data / Results / Assigned Users and many more…)
  • Scriptless or Custom Automation
  • Web, Mobile, REST, .NET, Mac, File, Math and more…
  • Integrate / Add any tools of your choice
  • 100s of Sample Test cases and Built in Help
  • Predictive Intelligence (Auto Suggest test to execute)
  • Advanced search and Folder view
  • Continues Integration (API available for any Build System)
  • Multiple Views (Kanban / Board / Unified)
  • Drill Down Reporting Summary
  • Rich Text Documentation (add your own FAQs)
  • All-in-One (Manual, Automation, Bug, Task, Req, Report)
  • Multi-Platform (Mobile, PC, Mac & Linux)
  • 3rd-Party Integration (JIRA, GIT, MKS, MQC etc)
  • Performance / Benchmark Testing
  • If we are missing something ... ask us or work with us!

What Clients say?

Customer Testimonails

ZeuZ is free and comes with more features than many of its competitors. At first I was hesitant to give it a chance but now I could not imagine switching to another platform.

Kanor K FedPhoneLine Ltd.
Customer Testimonails

I have never been able to create test cases as easily and quickly until I used the ZeuZ platform. I can track projects easily and oversee the work of every tester on the team which makes the entire project move along with less hiccups.

Riasat Rakin QA Analyst, AssetScience Inc.
Customer Testimonails

ZeuZ will be extremely beneficial to those people that are visually oriented. The entire system is displayed in a way that takes out the complexity of organizing a project and adds a clean, sleek layout.

Redwanul K Ansari Panacea System Ltd.
Customer Testimonails

...The fact that ZeuZ creates test cases at the step level gives you a lot more incite from test reports.

Paul Chan

Meet our Clients

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