Software Testing

Automation Solutionz is all about Software Testing.

Customers expect a certain level of quality when using an application. If that the customer's quality standards are not met; That's it! The customer is lost FOREVER.

Automation Solutionz dedicated Software Testing Team will not only improve the final quality of your software product but also reduce your overall costs. Whether you need individual manual testing professionals or a fully engaged Automation Solutionz Software Testing Team we are ready to tackle any challenge.

The Automation Solutionz Advantage:

Passionate, experienced Testers:

We are serious about testing. So serious that we developed our own Software Management Framework called ZeuZ. Automation Solutionz only selects the best so you can rest assured knowing that your project is in the most capable hands.

Headquartered in North America:

Automation Solutionz Headquarters is located in Waterloo, ON, Canada. We are right around the corner! Since we work on North American times it is easy to discuss any feedback with our customers.

Flexible Staffing Options:

Is your project scaling up? We can scale up with you. We have a pool of experienced testers to add to your time. Faster ramp up will lower your costs.

Automated Testing:

We can automate applications on every major platform or custom develop automated solutions for you. Our talented testers can work with your test automation platform or use our own, ZeuZ.