Automation Solutionz is expert in Web Development.

Automation Solutionz Website Development Process:

Client Communication:
  • We begin the process by meeting with our clients in order to understand their company. This gives us a better understanding of the goals our client would like to achieve with this app.
  • We then outline all the requirements needed to develop the website and create a project plan complete with milestones.
  • Your Automation Solutionz development team gets down to work and formulates a preliminary plan of the website build
  • After we have agreed on the general app design, we evaluate the work load involved and submit our price for the project.
  • Your Automation Solutionz team gets down to work creating the design and layout for your website, including the user experience with mockups for feedback.
  • Your team constantly relays feedback so that vision is in line with creation. At the end of this stage we have a design for the website which gives the development team a solid coding blueprint

Once website design approved we focus on development of the backend infrastructure, front end functionality and admin panel and outline the costs associated with website development.

  • The website is passed onto the QA team and tested on all major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (Edge)).
  • Once again the flow of communication between your Automation Solutionz team and yourself does not stop. By receiving constant feedback from your Automation Solutionz team you can rest assured that your website will be of the highest quality.
  • Once final approval is received Automation Solutionz will either host the website on our server (see web hosting services) or deliver the site to you.
  • A final run-through is performed on the website to ensure full functionality.
After - Rollout:
  • Once the website goes live, Automation Solutionz will stay on hand for 30 days to ensure all user feedback or issues, if any, are swiftly addressed at no additional charge to you.
  • After the 30 days are complete, we are only a call away! We value your business and will be there when you need us!