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We have made our Framework available on all Major Platforms

Whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, our framework will work seamlessly with all major platforms available in the market.

Advantages of Using our Framework

Reduce Total Testing Cost
Save Execution Time
Reduce Test Case Creation Time
Save Report Cycle Time

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Lines of Code
Miles of Traveling
Hours of Coding
Cups of Coffee

Features of ZEUZ

Requirement Management System

An efficient Requirement Management System

Would you like to know
- What is the status of a specific requirement?
- How many requirements are fully tested and complete?
- Which tasks are linked with which requirements?
- Have any tasks been created for this new requirement?

From a single platform ZEUZ will allow you and your team to effectively collaborate, share ideas and manage requirements with the entire project team throughout the lifecycle and across projects

Predictive Intelligence Engine

When a requirement is created ZEUZ will suggest which tasks should be linked to that specific requirement

ZEUZ will also advise what test cases and defects will also be linked to requirements

Whether using agile, hybrid or waterfall processes ZEUZ will aid in team collaboration and document tracking

ZEUZ will show the true progress of the requirement:
          Revealing which tasks are complete but not yet tested
          When bugs are found, new time estimates for bug fixes are submitted and ZEUZ automatically updates task progress with no interaction needed

Store all documented requirements in a central, web based database; structured, neat and tidy

View the entire history of any requirement and discover what has changed, from where and who made the changes to evolving requirements

Built-in Discussion Feature

In this day and age with so many meetings sometimes key requirement information may be miscommunicated or overlooked.
ZEUZ Discussion Page packages the entire lifecycle into one single summary
All discussions are documented in ZEUZ, if a developer missed a meeting they can easily be briefed through ZEUZ discussion page
The entire team can view the discussion page and can add comments, giving everyone a better understanding of the requirement
Clear requirements will allow for better test cases to be produced and a better quality product released
Attachments can be added to aid in explanations/clarifications

Task Management System

Are you still moving tasks manually through categories...STOP!

ZEUZ keeps every task involving your project in one place, all tasks are separated, organized and prioritized. Manually moving task cards from categories like "Not Started" to "Started "or "Overdue "to "Complete" is a thing of the past. ZEUZ will monitor all tasks' status in a project and move them automatically through categories.

ZEUZ Predictive Intelligence Engine will suggest specific tasks that should be linked to specific requirements.

ZEUZ can manage the entire SDLC, so your team can communicate and collaborate under the same umbrella (see Discussion Tab). Everybody knows what is expected of them and when they are expected to complete their objectives, resulting in a smooth workflow.

Predictive Intelligence

ZEUZ will suggest which tasks should be linked to which requirements

ZEUZ will also suggest which test cases should be run with specific tasks

More Control

Within ZEUZ PM's can flag and follow team members so they can follow progression of specific tasks being worked on and will be automatically notified of that tasks completion
ZEUZ allows Developers to select various tasks of interest and see exactly who is working on the particular task, how many test cases are being run, how many bugs are related to that task, what requirement the task is linked to and all task related suggestions by ZEUZ Predictive Intelligence Engine
Recurring tasks can be easily setup to cut down on redundancy
Customizable dashboards and displays will enhance visibility of the project

Declogger of Email Inbox

ZEUZ filters will allow you to customize information sent out so you only receive emails pertinent to yourself and don't drown in a sea of "Noise" trust us it's refreshing to see a clean inbox!

Automated notifications inform any and all team members of task changes

Shhh, it's private....

Have you ever wanted to add an item to your calendar that doesn't pertain to the project (i.e. meeting with your manager, lunch with co-workers) but you couldn't because it would be public? ZEUZ allows you to add private reminders to your task list, so you don't have to go to another program just to add tasks that do not relate to specific project

Built-in Discussion Feature

Every task has it’s own discussion page allowing testers to relay questions/concerns to developers and other team members, cutting down on meetings and communication breakdowns.

ZEUZ Discussion Page packages the entire task lifecycle into one single summary
Testers can generate better test cases that developers can see and comment on in real time
PM’s view task progression and discuss important dates specific to a certain task
The entire team can view the discussion page and can add comments, giving everyone a better understanding of the task
Attachments can be added to aid in explanations/clarifications

Test Case Management System

Manual test cases on one program + Automation test cases on another + Project Managers overseeing = TOO MANY MEETINGS

Is your entire Software Development Project scattered all over the office? Wouldn't you love to see exactly how much time is needed to finish all test cases for a particular task, or which test cases/sets are being run at that very moment in time with the click of a button (without sending emails)?

Developers and testers are almost never in sync! ZEUZ makes worlds collide by informing developers of how many test cases have been created, run and how many bugs have been logged for specific tasks. Developers can actually SEE the progression of a task and with the handy discussion tab they can adds comments to develop a higher quality product.

ZEUZ Predictive Intelligence Engine will suggest links between tasks or requirements and specific test cases as well analyze each individual test case and prioritize which test cases to automate first for maximum efficiency. Can the test management software you have now do that?

With "WOW! How did I ever live without this" new features like:
· Auto scheduling
· Prioritizing Automatability
· Test Rerun
· Always Run
· Batch Edit
· Enhanced search filters
ZEUZ is FREE if for some reason HR wants to see the progression of a project...just login!

Predictive Intelligence Engine

ZEUZ will suggest which test steps you should automate first so that you can get the most number of test cases automated
Test cases are prioritized by the ease in which they can be automated
If a requirement has been created and no test cases have been linked to that requirement ZEUZ will suggest which test cases will suit that requirement
ZEUZ will also suggest which test cases should be run with specific tasks AND will prioritize test case run schedules by due date

Advantages of Using our Framework

Reduce Total Testing Cost
Save Execution Time
Reduce Test Case Creation Time
Save Report Cycle Time

Built-in Discussion Feature

Every test case has it’s own discussion page where testers can discuss all information relating to particular tests being performed.

Testers must always have questions! Testers can communicate with all other team members and freely exchange ideas to generate better test cases
Ordering the execution of test cases based on test objectives can be discussed on the ZEUZ Discussion Page which means less meetings
Questions regarding the time it takes to create test environments as well as testers availability can be discussed here and the entire team can comment and adjust to changing circumstances
Organize who tests what and when
ZEUZ documents all discussions for reference at a later point
Attachments can be added to aid in explanations/clarifications

Web based access allows results to be shared and communicated with your entire project management team

Familiar Windows Explorer View

Manage your test cases in Windows-like Folders

Right click on the folder to Create/Copy/Delete a folder just like Windows Operating System

Bug Tracking Management System

ZEUZ suggests faster ways to TRACK and SQUASH your bugs

Having the ability to separate and analyze test steps makes bug tracking with ZEUZ effortless. Unlike standalone bug tracking tools ZEUZ will locate the EXACT test step where the incident occurred and will always prompt the user to link the bug to the test case, something conventional software does not always do.

ZEUZ Predictive Intelligence Engine assists the user with bug tracking by suggesting which bug should be linked to which requirement/milestone. ZEUZ will also suggest test cases which might be causing particular bugs what other bug tracking tool does that!

When a bug is created in ZEUZ it essentially becomes a task so that at a single glance the entire project team can see the status, due date, priority and who is assigned to the bug (see Milestones - Kanban Type Board).

Notifications and easy visualization keep the entire team informed of bug tracking progress, finding issues is fast and efficient with a host of different filter options.

Welcome to the future!

Predictive Intelligence Engine

ZEUZ will advise the user to link bugs to specific test cases/tasks/requirements each time a bug is discovered

ZEUZ prioritizes issues ensuring significant issues are solved first

Based on where the bug occurs ZEUZ will suggest which requirement the bug should be time a bug is discovered linked

Verification Point feature

Using the Verification Point feature ZEUZ can decipher whether a test case was blocked or if that test case failed

Locate the Bug

When a test case fails, ZEUZ will be able to track the bug to the EXACT test step where the failure occurred which cannot be done with stand-alone bug tracking tools

Stay Up-to-Date

When a bug is logged it is shared with the entire team

Built-in Discussion Feature

Each bug it’s own discussion page to keep team members up-to-date about changes to the bugs being created.

ZEUZ Discussion Page keeps all discussion related to a specific bug in one place where the entire team can share comments
When bugs are created they can instantly be discussed and potential fixes considered instead of waiting for a meeting to discuss a multitude of issues
ZEUZ Discussion Page provides a central place to discuss each specific bug, everything related to a specific bug can be documented through the ZEUZ Discussion Page so nothing slips through the cracks
Prioritization can be outlined fully in the discussion page making the bug process more streamlined and decreasing confusion about which issues should be tackled first and by whom
Attachments can be added to aid in explanations/clarifications

Milestone Management System

The meaning of TRUE UPDATE...

Users will be able to interact with the project, view all tasks linked to a particular milestone their progress and their status easily on the screen

Conventional software has a very linear style of milestone completion. For example, there are 5 tasks within a particular milestone, one is completed therefore you are 20% complete the milestone! Well what if that completed task only took 1 day and the rest of them takes weeks? Is the task complete and tested? What about bug fixes?

True Update:
ZEUZ Predictive Intelligence Engine reveals true milestone progress. ZEUZ analyzes task progression, test execution, bug fix time as well as adjusting for missed work days and will inform the user if the milestone will be delivered on time or will be overdue.

Get the overview of the Milestone Progress

See the summary of All/Individual Milestone progress for Requirements, Tasks, Tests and Bugs.

View details of each graph

Export Graph as PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG format

Kanban type Board

Visualize your Milestones an Kanban type Board

Simple drag and drop feature allows you the easily move an item from one milestone to another (items move through the development/testing cycle automatically)

See when a Milestone is due, Working hours left, Estimated hours and a visual progress bar conveniently located on the top bar

When bugs are found, new time estimates for bug fixes are submitted and ZEUZ automatically updates task progress with no interaction needed

Built-in Discussion Feature

Within the discussion page of each Milestone, Project Managers can attempt to coordinate available resources that will further project completion.

ZEUZ Discussion Page packages the entire milestone into one single summary
Resources can be allocated and delivery dates discussed in real time instead of waiting for meetings to discuss
Delays for unforeseen events (illness, vacation days, conferences) can be examined and contingencies can be considered on the ZEUZ Discussion Page so the entire team is on the same page
New task objectives can be highlighted/discussed/delegated with insight on how the project or milestone will be affected
Attachments can be added to aid in explanations/clarifications

Report Management System


Get detailed report of everything

We have one of the best reporting systems available in the market

Customize Execution Report

Drill Down Report

ZEUZ will allow the user the ability to move from general summary information all the way down to specific action items with the simple click of a button
Users are able to drill down and view individual test case histories (how many times a specific test case was run and passed or failed)
Analyze which test steps are used the most in test cases
View individual hours spent completing an individual task or drill down to view tasks that might be at risk

Visualize Entire Project

Each team member can easily create dashboards to see the project from their specific point of view

Other Features

Help Documentation

Another nifty feature of ZEUZ is the fully customizable help section. Do you have contract workers or coop students operating ZEUZ? Tired of always going through the same explanations and being asked the same follow up questions? How do I setup the test server? How do I Login to this? Where do I go to get that? Who do I see to get permission?

Instead of answering the same questions every time a new person needs assistance, customize the ZEUZ help page with “How-to” questions and FAQ’s to cover all custom developments made by your business.

ZEUZ Notification System

ZEUZ Notifications tab centralizes communication with the entire team--creating an At-Work-Inbox. Notifications separate work information, creating more manageable communication
Traditional programs send email notifications and the user is drowned in a wave of emails that are not relevant causing users to ‘tune out’ and making notifications useless

How many times have you missed an important notification because it was lost in a sea of too many non pertinent notifications?
ZEUZ Notifications feature allows you to filter out that non-pertinent noise and focus on the notifications that matter to you.
Follow Me allows the user to be notified when chosen individuals post discussion comments or complete actionable items. All PM’s will know when tasks are fully completed or developers will know when a certain test case has passed, failed or been blocked.
ZEUZ provides the information you want so you can be more efficient and not have 2,000 unopened emails in your inbox...If you enjoy having all those unopened emails ZEUZ allows you to have all notifications emailed to you as well!

Powerful Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows you to manage Users, Teams, Projects etc

Total control on assigning teams or projects to a user

Custom Label

Add a label to Requirements, Tasks, Test Cases, Bugs etc

Create new Labels on the go!

Generate Label Report

What Clients say?

Customer Testimonails

ZeuZ is free and comes with more features than many of its competitors. At first I was hesitant to give it a chance but now I could not imagine switching to another platform.

Kanor K FedPhoneLine Ltd.
Customer Testimonails

I have never been able to create test cases as easily and quickly until I used the ZeuZ platform. I can track projects easily and oversee the work of every tester on the team which makes the entire project move along with less hiccups.

Riasat Rakin QA Analyst, AssetScience Inc.
Customer Testimonails

ZeuZ will be extremely beneficial to those people that are visually oriented. The entire system is displayed in a way that takes out the complexity of organizing a project and adds a clean, sleek layout.

Redwanul K Ansari Panacea System Ltd.
Customer Testimonails

...The fact that ZeuZ creates test cases at the step level gives you a lot more incite from test reports.

Paul Chan

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